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What is DP HDMI 

HDMI can not only meet the resolution of 1080p with the highest image quality at present, but also support the most advanced digital audio formats such as DVD audio, eight channel 96KHz or stereo 192Khz digital audio transmission, and only use one HDMI cable to connect, eliminating digital audio wiring. At the same time, the additional space provided by the HDMI standard can be applied to the upgraded audio and video formats in the future. Enough to cope with a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal. Since the demand for a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal is less than 4gb/s, HDMI has a large margin. This allows it to connect the DVD player, receiver and PRR with a single cable. In addition, HDMI supports EDID and ddc2b. Therefore, devices with HDMI have the characteristics of “plug and play”. The signal source and the display device will automatically “negotiate” and automatically select the most appropriate video / audio format.

Compared with DVI, HDMI interface is smaller and can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. The cable length of DVI shall not exceed 8m, otherwise the picture quality will be affected, and HDMI can transmit up to 15m. As long as one HDMI cable can replace up to 13 analog transmission lines, it can effectively solve the problem of tangled wiring behind the home entertainment system. HDMI distributor is a control device that distributes high-definition signals to multiple display devices or projection display systems. It is a device in the form of an interface dedicated to distributing HDMI signals. When using, the user first leads the HDMI signal to the input of the HDMI distributor through a standard HDMI cable. There are two or four or more HDMI output ports on the HDMI distributor, which can be connected to the local display, and others can be connected to the remote display device. By adjusting the brightness and contrast on the HDMI distributor, the image definition of the remote display device can be adjusted to the same effect as the local.

Why Purchase FBELE Splitter & DP HDMI 

Hot Pluggable

When users use external devices, they do not need to turn off and then turn on the computer, but directly plug in the USB when the computer is working.

Easy to carry

USB devices are mostly small, light and thin. It is very convenient for users to carry a large amount of data with them. Of course, USB hard disk is the first choice.

Uniform Standards

The common ones are the hard disk with IDE interface, the mouse and keyboard with serial port, and the printer and scanner with parallel port. However, with USB, all these application peripherals can be connected to the PC with the same standard


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Splitter & DP HDMI

What is VGA vide Splitter

VGA video distributor is a video processing device that distributes one channel of VGA signal input into multiple channels of VGA signal output through integrated chip video. It has high-performance, large bandwidth, video high-power analog integrated circuit, multi pole frequency compensation and gain enhancement technology. VGA video distributor adopts high-quality circuit design. Each port of audio and video signals outputs independently without mutual interference. High power drives the load to achieve high fidelity transmission of audio and video.

★ VGA distributor high fidelity VGA and stereo media distribution transmitter are internally integrated with 1-4vga distributor, 1-4 stereo audio distributor and 4-channel (gain 6dB) VGA transmitter. This product is the first low-cost transmission device specially designed for today’s popular online media advertising and high-definition VGA information release applications.

★ the R and l stereo audio signal input of VGA distributor adopts fever level stereo audio drive with a swing rate of up to 225v/us (best transient hierarchical response), signal-to-noise ratio of only 1.9nv/root Hz, 24bit/40mbps and 125MHz bandwidth, and is distributed as four-way stereo audio signal output (applicable to 24bit CD and MP3 sound quality).

★ VGA distributor adopts external +9v to +12v power supply, and has exclusive functions such as no input sleep power saving intelligent mode.

★ VGA distributor is very suitable for industrial control, medical treatment, multimedia teaching, KVM, LCD advertising engineering, large screen display curtain wall, video monitoring and other applications requiring medium and short distance transmission of VGA and audio signals.


What is DP HDMI 

HDMI to DP converter is also called HDMI to DisplayPort converter. The DP interface is connected to the DisplayPort interface, which is included in some high-end graphics cards and monitors. The common devices in the market are DP to HDMI and DP to dvi/vga converters. These conversion lines are unidirectional and irreversible. Then the question arises: if the user’s signal source is HDMI and the display terminal interface is DisplayPort (DP interface), how can HDMI convert DP? [1] In response to the actual needs of users, the company took the lead in introducing HDMI to DP converters in the industry. This product adopts a high-performance digital conversion chip with a maximum resolution of 4K, which perfectly solves the conversion from HDMI to DP and realizes ultra clear display. Implementation principle: the VGA distributor has the function of one-way video input and multiple video output, so that it can observe the video output without distortion or definition loss. Generally, VGA video distributor not only provides multi-channel independent video output, but also has the function of video signal amplification, so it also becomes a video distribution amplifier. VGA distributor provides 4-6 independent 75 Ω load capacity with independent and isolated complementary transistors or independent video amplifier integrated circuit, including compatibility and a wide frequency response range. Video input and output are BNC terminals.


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