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What is Stepper Motor

Stepper motor is a kind of motor that converts electric pulse signal into corresponding angular displacement or linear displacement. Every time a pulse signal is input, the rotor rotates an angle or advances one step. The output angular displacement or linear displacement is directly proportional to the number of input pulses, and the speed is directly proportional to the pulse frequency. Therefore, stepping motor is also called pulse motor.

Why Purchase FBELE Stepper Motor

small size
Small Size

Because of its small size,Stepper motor can be applied to electronic products with limited space.


Full range of UL TUV CUL VDE CE CCC certification,ISO9001

Good sound quality
Long Service time

FBELE uses high-quality materials to make Stepper motor, so it has a long service life


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Stepper motor

Classification of Stepper motor

There are many structural forms and classification methods of stepping motor, which are generally divided into reluctance type, permanent magnet type and mixed magnet type according to the excitation mode; According to the number of phases, it can be divided into single-phase, two-phase, three-phase and multiple equal forms.

Among the stepping motors used in our country, the reactive stepping motor is the main one. The operation performance of stepping motor is closely related to the control mode. From its control mode, the stepping motor control system can be divided into the following three categories: open-loop control system, closed-loop control system and semi closed-loop control system. In practical application, semi closed-loop control system is generally classified as open-loop or closed-loop system.

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Subdivision drive control of stepping motor

The stepping motor is limited by its own manufacturing process. For example, the size of the step angle is determined by the number of rotor teeth and running beats, but the number of rotor teeth and running beats are limited. Therefore, the step angle of the stepping motor is generally large and fixed, with low step resolution, lack of flexibility, vibration at low frequency and higher noise than other micromotors, making the physical device easy to fatigue or damage. These shortcomings make the stepper motor can only be used in some occasions with low requirements. For occasions with high requirements, it can only adopt closed-loop control, which increases the complexity of the system. These shortcomings seriously limit the effective utilization of the stepper motor as an excellent open-loop control component. Subdivision driving technology effectively overcomes these shortcomings to a certain extent.

Stepping motor subdivision driving technology is a driving technology developed in the mid-1990s, which can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of stepping motor. In, American scholars first proposed the control method of step angle subdivision of stepping motor at the annual meeting of American incremental motion control system and devices. In the following twenty years, stepping motor subdivision drive has been greatly developed. Gradually developed into a fully mature in the 1990s. The research on Subdivision Driving Technology in China is almost the same as that in foreign countries.

In the mid-1990s, the economy witnessed great development. It is mainly used in industry, aerospace, robotics, precision measurement and other fields, such as photoelectric theodolite for tracking satellite, military instrument, communication and radar. The wide application of subdivision driving technology makes the phase number of motor not limited by step angle, which brings convenience to product design. At present, in the subdivision drive technology of stepping motor, chopper constant current drive, instrument pulse width modulation drive and current vector constant amplitude uniform rotation drive control are adopted, which greatly improves the operation accuracy of stepping motor and makes stepping motor develop in the direction of high speed and precision in the field of medium and small power applications.

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FBELE produces 20-110mm stepper motor, stepper motor driver, deceleration stepper motor, linear stepper motor, brushless motor, closed-loop stepper motor 20byg 28byg 35byg 39byg 42byg 57byg 60byg 85byg 86byg 110byg stepper motor and supporting driver

FBELE is stepping motor is a well-known manufacturer in the industry, with rich product manufacturing experience and industry application experience, and reliable quality! Motors are widely used in medical equipment and precision instruments

Stepping motor, FBELE specializes in producing speed regulating motor / speed regulating motor / AC speed regulating motor / DC speed regulating motor, etc. as one of the pioneers in industrial motor, industrial control transmission and other fields, the product has stable performance, long service life, and the direct selling price of the manufacturer is affordable

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FBELE specializes in the production of two-phase DC stepper motors and three-phase stepper motors, with sizes ranging from 20mm to 130mm, and complete models of stepper motors FBELE motor has large torque, accurate positioning and excellent performance

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Genaral Questions About Stepper Motor

What kinds of stepping motors are there?

There are three types of stepper motors: permanent magnet (PM), reactive (VR) and hybrid (HB) permanent magnet steppers are generally two-phase, with small torque and volume, and the stepping angle is generally 7.5 degrees or 15 degrees; Reactive stepping is generally three-phase, which can achieve large torque output. The stepping angle is generally 1.5 degrees, but the noise and vibration are very large. It has been eliminated in developed countries such as Europe and the United States in the 1980s; Hybrid stepping refers to the combination of the advantages of permanent magnet and reactive stepping. It is divided into two phases and five phases: the two-phase stepping angle is generally 1.8 degrees and the five phase stepping angle is generally 0.72 degrees. This kind of stepping motor is the most widely used.

What is holding torque?

Holding torque refers to the torque that the stator locks the rotor when the stepping motor is energized but does not rotate. It is one of the most important parameters of stepping motor. Usually, the torque of stepping motor is close to the holding torque at low speed. As the output torque of stepping motor decreases with the increase of speed, and the output power also changes with the increase of speed, keeping torque has become one of the most important parameters to measure stepping motor

What is the accuracy of the stepping motor? Cumulative?

Generally, the accuracy of stepping motor is 3-5% of the stepping angle, and it does not accumulate.

What is the allowable surface temperature of the stepping motor?

Too high temperature of stepping motor will first demagnetize the magnetic materials of the motor, resulting in torque reduction and even out of step. Therefore, the maximum temperature allowed on the surface of the motor should depend on the demagnetization point of different motor magnetic materials; Generally speaking, the demagnetization point of magnetic materials is more than 130 degrees Celsius, and some even as high as more than 200 degrees Celsius, so the surface temperature of stepping motor is completely normal at 80-90 degrees Celsius.

Why does the torque of stepping motor decrease with the increase of speed?

When the stepping motor rotates, the inductance of each phase winding of the motor will form a reverse electromotive force; The higher the frequency, the greater the reverse electromotive force. Under its action, the phase current of the motor decreases with the increase of frequency (or speed), resulting in the decrease of torque.

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