Switch & Indicator

Excellent Switch Manufacturer in China

FBELE specializes in the design, development and production of various switches, which are widely used in various intelligent devices, small household appliances and automobile industries.competitive price.high quality level,best delivery.

Switch & Indicator

China Leading Switch Company with UL CE Certification

FBELE is a world-famous brand with excellent quality for switches. It focuses on the production of industrial switches and provides samples free of charge, Focus on industrial switches for 25 years, welcome to online consultation

FBELE  Switch & Indicator including :Toggle Switch;Rocker Switch;Push-Button Switch & Arcade Buttons;Metal Pushbutton Switch;Rotary Switch;Dip Switch & Rotary code switch;Tact Switch & Detector switch;Slide Switch;Micro Switch;Automobile Switch;Washing Machine Switch;Door Switch for Refrigerator;Emergency Stop Switch; Power Tool Trigger Switch;Rubber Cap & Knob

Please let us know your requirement, we will provide you best switches solution according to your request.

Toggle Switch

MTS-101/MTS-102 ON-OFF/ON-ON/ON-OFF-ON 2PIN 3PIN Interrupter 12v Toggle Switch


Rocker Switch

Round or Square 10A 250VAC Illuminate Rocker Switch.ON-OFF/ON-ON/ON-OFF-ON


Push-Button Switch

Momentary Reset Push Button Switch Plastic Red Yellow White Black Green Snap-in Type Button Switch

Metal Pushbutton Switch

Electrical Excellent Waterproof Customized Led Ring Lamp Illuminate Car Power 25mm Short Metal Push Button Switch Thin

Rotary Switch

Black 250V 16A T125 Gear Rotary Potentiometer Switch 5 Position Electric Heater Oil Temperature Control Switch

Dip Switch & Rotary code switch

High quality 1.27mm 2.54mm pitch DIP switch 1-10 PIN dial switch 1-10 Rotary code switch.

Tact Switch

The 12*12 Tactile Switch 3*3 dip 4 pin 2pin smd tact switch 6*6 waterproof 4*4 metal 6×6 tact switches.

Slide Switch

DPDT Slide Switch ON-ON Small 3A 250V 6A 125VAC Electric remote control vehicle Slide Switch

Micro Switch

3 Pins 125V switch micro 2pin on off micro switch blade endstop microswich small micro limit switch

Automobile Switch

Small Automobile modified ship type rocker switch or toggle auto switches multi-function switch.

Washing Machine Switch

Washing Machine switch Parts Electronic Delay Door Lock Interlock Switch Assembly.

Door Switch for Refrigerator

Factory supply 4A 250V no nc door contact door lamp switch for refrigerator

Switch & Indicator
China Best Switch & Indicator Manufacturer & Supplier

High quality Switch & Indicator , automatic production, stable products, good consistency and quality assurance. FBELE is the preferred supplier for international famous brands.

FBELE: Your Reliable Switch Company in China

FBELE 25 years switch expert – long-term production of various types of ship switches, complete specifications, vde ul enec certification, imported plastic particles, pure copper silver plated contact pieces, large silver points, free samples

FBELE switch is mainly used in various instrument / instrument equipment, various electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment, beauty equipment, and other electronic product fields

FBELE located in Ningbo China,is a professional manufacturer of different kind of switch products integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales, with a customer praise rate of 100%.

Please call us to start your purchase:0086-18868647636.

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