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FBELE specializes in the production of TFT LCD modules, including monochrome, color, OLED LCD modules, etc., with more than 20 years of industry experience; Short delivery time, high cost performance, exquisite workmanship, simple operation, mature technology and high quality;

  • high contrast
  • thin thickness
  • excellent picture quality
  • high brightness consistency

What is TFT Lcd Modules

TFT LCD has been widely used in image display system because of its thin thickness and excellent picture quality, which can display information with high speed, high brightness and high contrast. Although TFT LCD has good display performance, the driving signal of TFT LCD is very complex, and the amount of data that the peripheral control unit needs to process is very large, with a resolution of 640 × 480 color TFT LCD as an example, it needs to process 900kbyte data to display a color image, which is powerless for traditional single-chip processors. Due to the large amount of image data, images are mostly compressed and then stored. JPEG (joint photographicexperts group) compressed images are the most widely used.

Why Purchase TFT Lcd Modules

Low Cost

Due to big production quantity and automatic production line, the cost of TFT Lcd Modules is relatively low.

Fast delivery

Most of FBELE’s TFT Lcd Modules has stock,delivery time will be 1day.

Long life time

The FBELE uses the latest and best raw materials to prolong the service life of the TFT Lcd Modules.


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for TFT Lcd Modules

Functions of TFT-LCD display module:

  1. Storage capacitance: the capacity is about 0.5pf, and its pole is connected with the transparent display electrode / transparent common electrode. Since the capacity between the transparent display electrode and the transparent common electrode is about 0.1pf. The voltage cannot be maintained until the next picture update (for example, when the refresh rate is 60 Hz, the holding time is about 16ms), so it needs to be maintained with the help of storage capacitors.
  2. TFT: thin film transistor, a switching device that determines whether the liquid crystal is charged (the thin film transistor is only on or off. When the thin film transistor is on, it outputs voltage from its source to charge the liquid crystal and storage capacitor. The charging voltage is determined by the LCD driving circuit).
  3. Glass base plate: it is used for isolation.
  4. Polarizing glass plate: namely, the polarizing plate. The inner polarizing glass plate 1 is a horizontal opening. The outer polarizing glass plate 2 is a vertical opening.
  5. The transparent display electrode is connected with the source of each thin film transistor and forms a charging electrode with the transparent common electrode. To charge the liquid crystal in each pixel.
  6. Color filter: also known as color filter, it is a piece of glass composed of many transistors. The LCD screen displays color images. This is usually achieved by adding a color filter between the transparent common electrode and the polarizing glass plate.
Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

Pay attention to parameters of TFT Lcd Modules

Three important indexes for an LCD screen:

The first is color depth. It is often referred to as 65K, 26W, etc. The screen is made up of pixels. Here, color depth refers to how many colors a pixel can display. So the 65K mentioned above is a point that can display 65536 colors. More colors can show better transition colors. (as we all know, the face in the photo is not expressed by one color. It is expressed by one color from dark to light or from light to deep. A dark point or a light point is actually another color. Therefore, with a large number of colors, the color expression on the face is more delicate, and vice versa.) There is not much difference between 65536 and 262144, which is mainly due to the limited color resolution of human eyes. Look carefully, for example, at the color transition on the car body.

Second screen material. We often say TFT or STN refers to the screen material. Regardless of its working principle, TFT > TFD > ufb > STN have the best display effect. There are also many OLED technologies used as external screens. For example, v868, 8280, and so on. The self luminous contrast is also high, but it is said that Samsung’s newly developed models have used OLEDs as the main screen. The display effect of TFD is good, but the brightness is darker than that of TFT, but it is relatively power-saving. Ufb is also particular. The original ufb effect is not very satisfactory, such as the lg7100 Samsung T208. However, the new products, such as the X608’s 65536, have greatly improved compared with the previous products. STN is likely to be replaced. Some middle and low-end machines have also started to use TFT. There are also TFTs such as LTPS and low-temperature polysilicon, which have outstanding power-saving display effect, and sharp’s ace technology CG slicon. TFT continuous polysilicon technology has better display effect and can obtain higher lattice number per unit area. If you are confused about the above content, you can basically consider it this way: CG slicon > LTPS > TFT > TFD > ufb > STN. These are from the display effect. Another point that many people care about is the difference between the transmissive TFT and the transmissive TFT of moto v303 and V300. It is said that the former has better definition, while the latter can see the screen clearly in the sun. Each has its own advantages. Compared with TFT, STN is not bright enough. In addition, the color tends to be biased, especially yellow and easy to paste.

The last one is the most easily overlooked. That is, the screen resolution. In fact, the resolution is also an important aspect. The screen resolution of mainstream models is 160*128, and 160*128 is normal. For high resolution, for example, moto v303 /v600 uses a resolution of 220*176, and its display area is about the same as the general 160*128, so it can achieve better results. The image is more delicate, and the gloss on the corners of the mouth can be shown. Here is the qvga resolution mobile screen. For example, sharp gx22 has a very good display effect, reaching a resolution of 320*240, but the display area is relatively large. The NEC N820 also has a screen resolution of 320*240. This is the standard configuration of mainstream machines in Japan.

China Leading TFT Lcd Modules Manufacturer


FBELE is a world-famous circular TFT display screen. It can customize the circular TFT display interface of various shapes according to requirements. It can be supplied for a long time. The small-size circular TFT display screen is directly supplied by the factory. It can be customized and supplied for a long time

FBELE TFT LCD has the advantages of good brightness, high contrast, strong sense of hierarchy and bright colors. It is the most mainstream LCD display at present and is widely used in TV, mobile phone, computer, tablet and other electronic products

FBELE specializes in the design and development of LCD screens, TFT LCD screens, TFT modules and industrial displays of various sizes. It can also provide customized services, which are widely used in automotive, military, medical, power and other industries. Contact number:0086-18868647636

What does customer say about FBELE Company


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


I chose more than 10 suppliers. Among the suppliers of products of the same quality, fbele has the lowest price. Among the suppliers with the same price, FBELE has the best quality. We are ready to place the first order for FBELE.

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