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What is Time Delay Relay

Time relay is a very important component in electrical control system. In many control systems, time relay needs to be used to realize time-delay control. Time relay is a kind of automatic control appliance that uses electromagnetic principle or mechanical action principle to delay contact closing or breaking. The utility model is characterized in that there is a time delay between the signal obtained by the suction coil and the action of the contact. Time relay is generally used to control the starting process of motor as a function of time.

The main function of time relay is as an executive device in simple program control. When it receives the start signal, it starts timing. After timing, its working contact will open or close, so as to promote the subsequent circuit work. Generally speaking, the delay performance of time relay can be adjusted within the design range, so it is convenient to adjust its delay time. I’m afraid that only one time relay can’t start to delay closing. After closing for a period of time, it can be disconnected. It can realize delay closing first and then delay disconnecting. But generally speaking, it can be achieved by configuring a certain number of time relays and intermediate relays.

With the development of electronic technology, electronic time relay has become the mainstream product in time relay. The electronic intelligent digital display time relay using large-scale integrated circuit technology has a variety of working modes. It can not only realize long delay time, but also has high delay precision, small volume, convenient adjustment and long service life, making the control system more simple and reliable.

When selecting the time relay, pay attention to the current type and voltage level of its coil (or power supply), and select the delay mode, contact form, delay accuracy and installation mode according to the control requirements.

Advantage of FBELE Time Relay

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Classification of Time Delay Relay


1、 Classification by working principle

According to its working principle, time relay can be divided into air damping time relay, electric time relay, electromagnetic time relay, electronic time relay and so on.

(1) The air damping time relay uses the principle of damping when air passes through the small hole to obtain time delay. Its structure consists of electromagnetic system, time delay mechanism and contact. The electromagnetic mechanism is double port direct acting type, the contact system is microswitch, and the time delay mechanism adopts airbag damper.

(2) Electronic time relay

Electronic time relay is based on the principle that the capacitor voltage in RC circuit can not jump and can only change gradually according to the exponential law, that is, the electric damping characteristic can obtain the time delay.

Features: wide delay range, up to 3600 s, high precision, generally about 5%, small volume, impact and vibration resistance, and convenient adjustment.

(3) Motor type time relay

Motor type time relay uses micro synchronous motor to drive reduction gear system to obtain time delay.

Features: wide delay range, up to 72 hours, delay accuracy up to 1%, and the delay value is not affected by voltage fluctuation and ambient temperature change.

The delay range and accuracy of motor time relay are unmatched by other time relays. Its disadvantages are complex structure, large volume, low service life, expensive price, and the accuracy is affected by the power frequency.


(4) Electromagnetic time relay. Electromagnetic time relay is made by using the principle of slow attenuation of magnetic flux after power failure of electromagnetic coil to delay the release of armature of magnetic system and obtain the delay action principle of contact. It is characterized by large contact capacity, large control capacity, small delay time range and poor accuracy. It is mainly used in the control of DC circuit.

2、 Classification by delay mode

According to the different delay modes, the time relay can be divided into power on delay type and power off delay type.

(1) The power on delay type time relay starts to delay immediately after obtaining the input signal, and its executive part outputs the signal to operate the control circuit only after the delay is completed; When the input signal disappears, the relay will immediately return to the state before action.

(2) On the contrary, when the input signal is obtained, the executive part immediately has the output signal; After the input signal disappears, the relay needs a certain time delay to return to the state before action.

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Choose of Time Relay

The selection of time relay is mainly about the delay mode and parameter coordination. The following aspects should be considered when selecting.

(1) Selection of delay mode. The time relay has two types: power on delay or power off delay, which shall be selected according to the requirements of the control circuit. The reset time after the action is longer than the inherent action time to avoid misoperation or even no delay, which is particularly important in the case of repeated delay circuit and frequent operation.

(2) Type selection. Electromagnetic or air damping time relay with low price is generally used in occasions where the delay accuracy is not required; On the contrary, electronic time relay can be used in occasions requiring high delay accuracy.

(3) Coil voltage selection. Select the voltage of the suction coil of the time relay according to the voltage of the control circuit.

(4) Selection of power parameter changes. When the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, it is better to use air damping type or electric time relay than transistor type. When the power supply frequency fluctuates greatly, it is not suitable to use electric time relay. When the temperature changes greatly, it is not suitable to use air damping type time relay.

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