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What is Transistor

Transistor is a kind of solid-state semiconductor device (including diode, triode, FET, thyristor, etc., sometimes referred to as bipolar device), which has many functions, such as detection, rectification, amplification, switching, voltage stabilization, signal modulation and so on. As a variable current switch, transistor can control output current based on input voltage. Unlike ordinary mechanical switches (such as relay and switch), transistors use electrical signals to control their opening and closing, so the switching speed can be very fast, and the switching speed in the laboratory can reach more than 100GHz. Strictly speaking, transistors generally refer to all single components based on semiconductor materials, including diodes (two terminals), triodes, field effect tubes Thyristor (the last three are three terminals), etc. Transistors sometimes refer to crystal triodes.

Three terminal transistors are mainly divided into two categories: Bipolar Transistors (BJT) and field effect transistors (FET, unipolar). A transistor has three poles (terminals); The three poles (terminals) of the bipolar transistor are emitter, base and collector composed of n-type and p-type semiconductors respectively; The three poles (terminals) of the field effect transistor are source, gate and drain.

Since the transistor has three electrodes, there are also three ways to use it, namely emitter grounding (also known as common emitter amplification and CE configuration), base grounding (also known as common base amplification and CB configuration) and collector grounding (also known as common collector amplification, CC configuration and emitter follower).

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Transistor advantages

Compared with electronic tubes, transistors have many advantages:

Components are not consumed

No matter how good an electron tube is, it will gradually deteriorate due to changes in cathode atoms and chronic gas leakage. Due to technical reasons, the same problem existed at the beginning of transistor manufacturing. With the progress in material manufacturing and various improvements, the life of transistors is generally 100 to 1000 times longer than that of electronic tubes.

Very little power consumption

It is only one tenth or one tens of times that of an electronic tube. It doesn’t need to heat the filament to produce free electrons like an electron tube. A transistor radio can be listened to for half a year with only a few dry batteries, which is difficult for an electronic tube radio.

No preheating required

It works as soon as it is turned on. For example, a transistor radio will ring as soon as it is turned on, and a transistor TV will soon appear. Electronic tube equipment can not do this. After the machine is turned on, the sound can be heard and the picture can be seen after a while. Obviously, transistors have great advantages in military, measurement, recording, etc.

Solid and reliable

It is 100 times more reliable than the electronic tube. It is resistant to impact and vibration, which is unmatched by the electronic tube. In addition, the volume of the transistor is only one tenth to one percent of that of the electronic tube, with little heat release. It can be used to design small, complex and reliable circuits. Although the manufacturing process of transistor is precise, the process is simple, which is conducive to improving the installation density of components.


Classification of Transistors

Material Science

According to the semiconductor materials used in transistors, they can be divided into silicon material transistors and germanium material transistors. According to the polarity of the transistor, it can be divided into germanium NPN transistor, germanium PNP transistor, Silicon NPN transistor and SILICON PNP transistor.


According to its structure and manufacturing process, transistors can be divided into diffusion transistors, alloy transistors and planar transistors.

Current capacity

According to the current capacity, transistors can be divided into low-power transistors, medium power transistors and high-power transistors.

working frequency

Transistors can be divided into low-frequency transistors, high-frequency transistors and ultra-high-frequency transistors according to the working frequency.

Packaging structure

According to the packaging structure, transistors can be divided into metal packaging (gold packaging for short), plastic packaging (plastic packaging for short), glass packaging (glass packaging for short), surface packaging (sheet) transistors and ceramic packaging transistors. Its footprint is diverse.

By function and purpose

Transistors can be divided into low noise amplification transistors, medium and high frequency amplification transistors, low frequency amplification transistors, switching transistors, Darlington transistors, high reverse voltage transistors, band stop transistors, damping transistors, microwave transistors, photosensitive transistors and magnetic sensitive transistors according to their functions and applications.

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