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FBELE can provide many types of Ultrasonic Repeller, especially the 12v to 24v, which provides support for  electronic products.

  • Full range of size from 3mm,4mm,5mm,8mm,8.5mm,9mm,12mm,unit 22mm
  • LCP,PPS material can with stand high temperature.
  • FBELE Ultrasonic Repeller can pass I.R. reflow soldering
  • Reel tape package suitable for automatic assembly.

Is Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Really Useful?

The auditory system of rats is 200hz-90000hz. If a powerful high-power ultrasonic pulse can be used. Effectively interfere and stimulate the auditory system of rats, make them unbearable, feel panic and uneasy, and show symptoms such as loss of appetite, escape, and even convulsions, so as to drive the rats out of their range of activities.

The sound wave of more than 20000 Hz emitted by the ultrasonic rat driver can not be heard by human ears, and the power of the ultrasonic rat driver can not reach the ability to penetrate the human body, so it has no impact on the human body.

Why Buy Ultrasonic Pest Repellents

High Voltage
Non toxic and harmless

Because the product developed by using the principle of ultrasonic has no chemical composition, it is non-toxic and harmless

small size
Small Size

Small size, easy to carry, can be used at home, on business and travel

Good sound quality
Low power,Low power consumption

The product uses the ultrasonic principle, with less power consumption and low power

Convenient installation
Easy Operation

Easy to operate, just close or replace the battery

Function of Ultrasonic Rat Repellents

Ultrasonic rat repellent is a device that can produce 20khz-55khz ultrasound by using professional electronic technology design and years of research on rats in the scientific community. The ultrasound generated by the device can effectively stimulate within 50m and cause rats to feel threatened and uneasy. This technology comes from the advanced pest control concept in Europe and America. The purpose of use is to create a “high-quality space without rats and pests”, create an environment where pests and mice can not survive, force them to migrate automatically, and can not reproduce and grow within the control area, so as to achieve the purpose of eradicating rats and pests.

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Advantages Of FBELE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

FBELE ultrasonic rat repeller uses 6-segment intelligent frequency conversion ultrasound to constantly change the frequency to interfere with mice, destroy the central nervous system of mice, stimulate the auditory system of mice, destroy the olfactory sensitivity of mice, make mice panic and automatically flee their homes. It has two gear working mode, which can be switched to low power or high power mode as required. The swept frequency coverage area can reach about 100 square meters. And ultrasound is not only effective for mice, but also for driving away mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and ants. mite. Bats and so on are equally effective.

FBELE: Ultrasound mosquito repellents Supplier in China


FBELE Ultrasonic mosquito repellent covers an area of 160 square meters. Drive away without dead corners and guard the whole family.

FBELE Brand is one of the leading Ultrasonic mosquito repellent suppliers and all of our Ultrasonic mosquito repellent can meet ROHS and REACH, high quality,competitive price.

FBELE has participated in the formulation of a number of standards for the domestic household pest control industry. It is one of the few enterprise groups in China that has independently developed and produced a full range of disinfection and sterilization products and has a nationwide layout

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What does customer say about FBELE Company


I am a small seller of Amazon. I have been cooperating with FBELE for 2 years. Fbele has good service, can recommend new products to us regularly, and can deliver goods on behalf of us, which makes it convenient for us to operate. I will continue to cooperate with fbele for a long time and look forward to FBELE’s new products


We are a product design, development and sales company. In terms of design, FBELE has provided us with a lot of help, making us always ahead of other peers. We will strengthen cooperation and close cooperation with fbele in order to defeat our competitors.

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High quality Ultrasonic Pest Repellents, automatic production, stable products, good consistency and quality assurance. FBELE is the preferred supplier for international famous brands.welcome to contact us~

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Genaral Questions About Ultrasonic Repeller

What is the scope of use of ultrasonic mosquito repellent?

It is suitable for families, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, warehouses, farms and other places, and can effectively drive away mosquitoes within a space of about 30 square meters.

Is ultrasonic mosquito repellent harmful to human body?

It is completely harmless to people and animals, without any chemical residue. It is an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent product

How to use the ultrasonic mosquito repellent?

Generally, the ultrasonic mosquito repellent can work when the power is plugged in, and the operation is very simple and convenient. The working principle of the ultrasonic mosquito repellent is very simple. It diffuses the generated high-frequency sound wave to the surrounding area through its own HR audio amplifier to achieve the mosquito repellent effect

What are the advantages of ultrasonic mosquito repellent?

Harmless to human body, safe and non-toxic. Because it uses the means of transmitting ultrasonic waves and audio to imitate the sound and frequency of dragonfly, which can kill mosquitoes most, so as to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes. Safe, non-toxic, no radiation, completely harmless to people and animals, no chemical residue. It is an ideal companion for home travel, fishing, camping, barbecue, reading, dating, mountain climbing, farm work and cooling. It can also be placed next to cats and dogs to repel mosquitoes.

How to buy ultrasonic mosquito repellent?

1. Brand: products produced by regular manufacturers, such as fbele, have been researched and produced ultrasonic mosquito repellents for many years, with guaranteed quality. 2, you can choose battery or power supply according to your needs!

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