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What is Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic sensor is a sensor that converts ultrasonic signal into other energy signals (usually electrical signals). Ultrasonic wave is a mechanical wave whose vibration frequency is higher than 20kHz. It has the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength, small diffraction phenomenon, especially good directivity and directional propagation as rays. Ultrasound has great penetration ability to liquids and solids, especially in solids with opaque sunlight. When ultrasonic waves touch impurities or interfaces, they will produce significant reflection and form reflected echo. When they touch moving objects, they can produce Doppler effect. Ultrasonic sensors are widely used in industry, national defense, biomedicine and so on.

Why use FBELE Ultrasonic sensor

long life time
Long life time

FBELE adopts high-quality components for magnetic contacts, some of which are imported from overseas, so its service life is longer.

Strong Quality stability
Strong Quality stability

FBELE magnetic switches are produced with automatic equipment, which has strong stability in Quality level.

good consistency
Good Consistency

FBELE adopts high-quality components, some of which are imported from abroad, so its service life is longer


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples.

Application of Ultrasonic Sensor I

In medicine, ultrasound is mainly used for medical diagnosis and clinical treatment. In medical diagnosis, the main application of ultrasound is B-ultrasound. Because ultrasound has the characteristics of reflection and refraction, if it is emitted into the human body, it will reflect inside the human body. The shape and size of various organs inside the human body are different, so the reflected sound wave direction, intensity and other information are also different. Doctors can know whether there are lesions in some parts of the human body by analyzing the reflected sound wave and combining some medical professional knowledge.

In clinical treatment, ultrasound is mainly used to kill tumor cells and ultrasonic acupuncture. We know that ultrasound has great power. Using medical imaging technology, multi beam ultrasound is focused on the diseased cells, and the intensity and time of irradiation are well controlled. The temperature in a short time will reach 70 ~ 100 ℃, killing the diseased cells while protecting the surrounding tissues.

Ultrasonic acupuncture is the use of ultrasonic technology to stimulate acupoints. This therapy has no damage to the tissue, and has the advantages of painless and no discomfort. It has a good effect in the treatment of children or some patients who are afraid of acupuncture and moxibustion. In addition, ultrasound is often used in extracorporeal lithotripsy, physiotherapy, dentistry and so on.

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Application of Ultrasonic Sensor II

Ultrasonic distance sensor, due to the relatively short wavelength of ultrasonic, good directivity and penetration ability, slow energy consumption and long propagation distance in the medium. Moreover, the principle of ultrasonic ranging is simple, which is more convenient and easy to operate than other ranging methods, the calculation is also relatively simple, and the measurement accuracy can meet the requirements. Therefore, it is widely used in some mobile robots or blind guidance systems.

FBELE: Your 40kHz Ultrasonic Sensor Supplier in China


FBELE is a China high-tech enterprise with 25 years of independent research and development, production, sales and service of ultrasonic sensors. With more than 20 patents, FBELE is a sensor manufacturer specializing in sensors, ultrasonic sensors, ranging sensors and ultrasonic liquid level meters

FBELE Brand is one of the leading water proof ultrasonic sensor suppliers and all of our ultrasonic sensor can meet ROHS and REACH, high quality,competitive price.

FBELE is one stop solution for ultrasonic sensor for your project.FBELE can provide OEM and ODM service.whether you are Distributor of ultrasonic distance sensor or you are manufacturer of electronic products.

Please donot hesitate to contact us immediately for your Inquiry!!whatsapp or wechat.skype.

What does customer say about FBELE Company


Before we found FBELE, we cooperated with another factory manufacturer. Due to the quality problem at that time, we tried to cooperate with FBELE. Unexpectedly, the quality of FBELE products is very stable. At present, the cooperation has been nearly 10 years. We hope FBELE will always supply us.


Our cooperation with FBELE is because it can provide us with one-stop service, which can help us organize the goods of other factories in China to be transported to Brazil. At the same time, it can also help our company pay on behalf of us and solve our worries.

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China Best Ultrasonic Sensor Manufacturer & Supplier

High quality ultrasonic sensor, automatic production, stable products, good consistency and quality assurance. FBELE is the preferred supplier for international famous brands.

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Genaral Questions About Ultrasonic Sensor

what is the Applications of Ultrasonic Sensors

objects. The reflected sound is then received by the sensor. This technology is used for detection of objects in burglar alarms and automatic doors as well as for range measurement in automotive parking assistance systems.

What kinds of materials are there in ultrasonic sensors?

Ultrasonic have Plastic and Aluminum

Do ultrasonic sensors have receiver and transmit?

yes,it can be transmit or receiver.and they also can combine in one unit

What is the normal frequency of ultrasonic sensors

the normal frequency of ultrasonic sensors is 40KHZ, but if you need other frequency, we can also develop

What sizes of ultrasonic sensors FBELE have ?

FBELE have 10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm and 18mm size. then can produce in Plastic and Aluminum,mode details pls feel free to contact FBELE,e-mail:sales@fbelec.com

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