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FBELE’s professional technology makes the visual doorbell more stable. It has independent production and 18 product inspection gates to ensure the product life of more than 10 years and provide you with professional installation services

  • Intelligent HD voice intercom wireless doorbell
  • Remote active wake-up
  • Two-way voice intercom
  • Quick start, video recording within 400ms

What is Video Doorbell

The visual intercom doorbell is the visual doorbell system, which is scientifically called building intercom system. The corresponding non visual intercom doorbell is a kind of equipment that plays a role in building communication. Generally speaking, visual intercom doorbell refers to your doorbell system. We often say that building intercom, visual doorbell, visual intercom, intercom doorbell and other words all have the same meaning, which means a set of visitor intercom management system! Strictly speaking, building intercom is a set of visitor management system, which is a humanized visitor management operation system including software, hardware and after-sales service.

Why Purchase Video Doorbell

Easy to install

It is easy to install without additional holes. The cat eye can be directly installed on the anti-theft door, plug and play.

No need external power supply

Standard lithium batteries can be used for both outdoor units and outdoor units without wiring to connect external power supply

Low cost, low power consumption

Low cost, low power consumption, green and intelligent life concept in line with low-carbon life

High security

Visual doorbell is to use program coding to control the corresponding steps, and you can also see the outside scene through video

Functional Features of Video Doorbell

The cat eye visual doorbell integrates the latest wireless communication technology, multimedia technology and security technology into the cat eye products. Therefore, in addition to the function of cat’s eye, it also has the following functions and features.


(1) Integrated with “wireless”, “visual”, “intercom”, “photographing”, “monitoring”, “wireless unlocking” and other functions.

(2) Support automatic or manual photographing. When there are visitors and the owner is not in the room, it will automatically take photos and save them. When the host is there, you can take photos manually on demand.

(3) It can monitor outdoor conditions in real time. Even if no one rings the doorbell, the indoor owner can monitor the outdoor situation in real time.


Easy installation and labor cost saving

. The cat eye can be directly installed on the anti-theft door, plug and play.

. Standard lithium batteries can be used for both outdoor units and outdoor units, without wiring to connect external power supply.

. The cat eye infrared camera, the cat eye host, the indoor unit and the unlocking controller are all connected wirelessly without wiring.

Long indoor transmission distance

Since the signal transmitting end of the outdoor unit of the cat’s eye visual doorbell is inside the door, the signal transmission distance is longer, and the indoor unit can move freely, which is suitable for large places such as villas, high-end apartments, hotels, offices and so on.


Composition of Video Doorbell

The cat eye visual doorbell consists of three parts: outdoor unit (Outdoor Camera and indoor signal transmitting host), indoor unit and lock controller.

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit mainly has four functions: (1) use the cat eye camera and microphone to collect image signals and voice signals respectively, and convert the collected analog signals to digital signals. The cat’s eye main processor compresses and enhances the voice and digital image signals, and then transmits the compressed signals through the wireless signal transmitter; (2) Transmit control signals generated by peripheral devices such as cat’s eye doorbell button through wireless signal transmitter; (3) The wireless signal receiver receives the wireless voice signal from the indoor unit, the cat eye main processor decompresses the received voice signal, and then converts the digital to analog signal, which is played out through the loudspeaker; (4) The wireless signal receiver receives the control signal from the indoor unit, and the main processor converts the received control signal into a lock control command, which is transmitted to the lock controller through a short-range wireless transmitter (usually using ZigBee protocol).

Indoor unit

The indoor unit mainly has three functions: (1) the wireless signal receiver receives the wireless voice or video signals from the outdoor unit, the main processor processes the received signals such as redundancy and decoding, and then displays the decoded video signals through the display screen, while the decoded voice signals are converted into analog signals through d/a and played out through the speakers; (2) The control signals generated by various peripherals of the indoor unit, such as call, unlock and other buttons, are transmitted through the wireless signal transmitter; (3) The microphone is used to collect voice signals, and the collected analog signals are converted into digital signals. The main processor compresses the voice signals, and then transmits the compressed signals through the wireless signal transmitter.

Unlocking controller

The unlocking controller is mainly used to realize wireless remote unlocking. A controller with various intelligent locks (electric lock, magnetic lock, mute lock, fingerprint lock, password lock, etc.) embedded in the unlocking controller. When the unlocking controller receives the wireless control signal from the outdoor unit, it generates the signal of whether to unlock through decryption and decoding, so as to remotely unlock.

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