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What is Voltage Inverters

Power inverter (on-board power supply) is a convenient power converter that can convert DC12V DC into AC220V AC which is the same as the municipal power supply for general electrical appliances. Inverter can be called that only if it is composed of an inverter device. It is directly different from transformer, that is, it can realize DC input and then output AC. its working principle is the same as that of switching power supply, but the oscillation frequency is within a certain range. For example, if this frequency is 50Hz, the output is AC 50Hz. Inverter is a device that can change its frequency.

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FBELE Voltage Inverters is exquisitely made of high-quality materials, with stable performance, safety and reliability

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FBELE uses high-quality materials to make Voltage Inverters, so it has a long service life


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Voltage Inverters

Attention of Voltage Inverters

When the battery is used by the power inverter, the battery voltage is reduced to 9.5v, and the power inverter will shut down automatically to ensure that the vehicle can start normally and the battery will not be damaged.

The power inverter automatically realizes the function of battery protection by relying on the internal electronic circuit. In case of shutdown and alarm when the power inverter is used, the following items shall be checked:

1) Whether the electric power driven exceeds the rated power of the inverter.

2) Whether the power inverter is well connected with batteries and electrical appliances.

3) If the machine is shut down during use, is it a temperature alarm? At this time, it can be used for a period of time

When using the power inverter, pay attention to the voltage value of the battery power supply system, and carefully read the instructions before use.

The inverter power should be distinguished. In extreme cases, overheating or even burning may occur even when the rated power is used. Because the test conditions and personal safety problems of the nominal power value of the on-board power inverter have not been unified in the after-sales market and pre-sales market, many manufacturers use the fuzzy power conditions to make consumers have some confusion all the time. Even if the price of the products with the same nominal value is quite different, the products need to identify whether the product meets the national industry standards. Therefore, the Ministry of industry and information technology (2012) No. 68 document proposes to carry out the national expert standard formulation plan for the inverter standard. The standard is numbered 2012-0120t-qc in the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Automobile Standard Committee. In January 2015, 47 experts and about 20 industry personnel attended the final review of the standard. The standard QC / T 1036-2016 [1] has been published in Gongxin No. 17 document in April 2016.

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FAQ For Voltage Inverters

  1. There is SMT chip technology in the manufacturing of power inverter. What is SMT chip technology?

“SMT” is called “automatic programming patch machine”, and “patch” is actually a packaging form of resistance capacitance components. It has high precision, small volume, high degree of automatic processing and good component welding reliability. The power inverter realizes the processing and production of products through SMT.

  1. What is single chip microcomputer?

The power inverter model with high and low voltage alarm, protection and other parameters and functions realized by CPU microprocessor is called single-chip model.

  1. What is a simulator?

The model that realizes the functions of various parameters of power inverter by separating components is called simulator.

  1. What are the performance characteristics of the power inverter?

The power inverter can convert DC12V to 220V. It has the following functions:

1) Input high voltage and low voltage alarm and protection.

2) Overload protection.

3) 2 times of rated power for instantaneous impact.

4) Overload and short circuit protection.

  1. What is the working principle of power inverter?

PWM pulse is realized by CPU microprocessor, and the low voltage 12V is changed into DC voltage of about 300V through high-frequency transformer. Then the CPU outputs a 50Hz AC drive signal to drive the power switch. Through the successive conduction conversion of the power tube, the AC voltage with the average effective value of 220V in the form of output square wave is realized.

  1. Is the output voltage of the power inverter stable?

The output voltage of the power inverter can stabilize the voltage through its own feedback confirmation. The change between no-load and rated voltage is less than 10V.

  1. How to determine whether its stable value is safe for users?

The external use environment shall be fully considered for the power inverter. In case of overload or short circuit, the power inverter will automatically shut down for protection.

  1. What is the output frequency of power inverter? What is its output frequency?

The output frequency of power inverter refers to the period of outputting AC square wave. Its frequency is 50 Hz. The national power standard is 50 Hz. Generally, the cycle is 20ms, f = 1 / T = 50Hz.

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Our company pays more attention to documentation. FBELE can provide documentation of all products. Even if there is no ready-made one, it can be specially made for us. We keep it on file and it is convenient to sort out ISO data. FBELE is very professional.

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