What are the similarities and differences between FFC connectors and FPC connectors

1、 The difference between FFC connectors and FPC connectors

  1. Different definitions. FPC connectors (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) are flexible printed circuit boards, while FFC connectors (Flexible Flat Cable) are flexible flat cable connectors, one for the circuit board and the other for flat cables.
  2. The formation method of the line is different. FPC is a process of chemically etching FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Foil) to obtain flexible circuit boards with different single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer structures; FFC uses two layers of insulating foil with flat copper foil sandwiched between them, resulting in a simpler and thicker finished product.
  3. Prices vary. Due to the nature and design of the product, the price of FFC connectors is much lower than that of FPC connectors. But thanks to lower production costs, more companies prefer FFC related designs.FFC2、 The similarities between FFC connectors and FPC connectors
    1. Same application field. FFC connectors and FPC connectors are widely used in electronic devices such as LCD displays, scanners, plotters, scanners, copiers, speakers, fax machines, etc.
    2. Same characteristics. Both FFC connectors and FPC connectors have the characteristics of excellent flexibility, flexible application, foldability, miniaturization of manufacturing, compactness, high-density integration, space saving, and simple connection.FPC

    Based on the above introduction, the editor summarizes that FFC connectors are cable connectors with lower cost, simpler design, and thicker thickness than FPC connectors. However, FFC connectors have the same application areas and characteristics as FPC connectors. So, that’s all for the introduction of the differences and similarities between FFC connectors and FPC connectors. I hope this article by the FBelec can help you better understand these two electronic connectors.FFC connector

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