What is the function of an intelligent door magnetic sensor?

  1. Smart door magnets are also popular small smart hardware products in the field of smart home and security. It is used to detect the opening and closing status of the door.

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  1. Intelligent magnetic switch principle.

The principle of intelligent magneti switch is relatively simple, usually consisting of two parts. One end is a passive end with built-in magnetic materials (such as magnets), installed on one side of the anti-theft door frame; The other end is the active end of the built-in magnetic detection and algorithm control circuit, installed on the edge of the door leaf that can be opened and closed.

The principle of the detection switch is also very simple. When the door is closed, the presence of magnetism can be detected, but when the door is opened, the presence of magnetism cannot be detected. Therefore, the difference in the magnetic output signal detected by the sensor is used to determine the opening and closing status of the door.

Devices used to detect the presence or absence of magnetism typically use two types: reed tubes or Hall sensors, with the former being more cost-effective.

magnetic contact

  1. Intelligent magnetic switch classification.

Intelligent door magnets can be divided into two types from different levels of product alarm functions:

(1) Offline intelligent magnetic contact.

Offline intelligent magnetic contact, as the name suggests, do not have networking capabilities. If a door is detected to be open, a local sound and light alarm will sound, and they do not have the ability to remotely upload information or notify users.

This type of magnetic contact belongs to low-cost and simple gate magnets, and the initial form of the product is currently relatively rare on the market.

(2) Connected intelligent magnetic contact.

It’s easy to understand that as a door switch sensor, only networking can achieve scene linkage (such as triggering an alarm for abnormal door opening, notifying relevant personnel), and real-time viewing of mobile phone remote status.

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