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FBELE has developed a large number of internal and external antennas with different sizes and shapes, which are waterproof, anti-theft, sucker, directional, flexible FPC, PCB and various installation methods, and comply with 3g/4g/5g/

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History of invention for Wifi & Antennas

The antenna was invented by Russian scientist Popov.

In 1888, when Popov, 29, learned of the discovery of electromagnetic waves by Hertz, a famous German physicist, the young scientist who was determined to promote electric lights, said to his friends: “I spent my whole life installing electric lights. For the vast Russia, it only illuminates a small corner: if I can command magnetic waves, I can fly over the whole world!”

So he buried himself in research and launched an impact on new goals.

In 1894, Popov built a radio receiver. The core part of the receiver uses an improved metal chip detector. Popov uses an electric bell as the terminal display. The small hammer of the electric bell can shake the metal chips in the detector loose. The electric bell is driven by an electromagnetic relay. When the metal chip detector detects the electromagnetic wave, the relay is powered on and the electric bell rings.

On one occasion, Popov found in his experiment that the distance of the receiver to detect radio waves suddenly increased a lot than usual.

“What’s going on?” Popov looked around and couldn’t find the reason.

One day, Popov accidentally found a wire on the metal chip detector. He took away the wire and the bell stopped ringing; He narrowed the experimental distance to the original distance, and the electric bell rang again.

Popov was overjoyed. He quickly connected the wire to one end of the metal chip detector and connected the other end of the detector. After another test, the results show that the signal transmission distance increases sharply after using the antenna.

The radio antenna came out of this.

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Why Purchase FBELE Wifi & Antennas

low cost
Low Cost

Due to big production quantity and automatic production line, the cost of Wifi & Antennas is relatively low.

Wide frequency response
World famous brand

25 years of Wifi & Antennas industry, 2000 clients all over the world

long life time
Long life time

The FBELE uses the latest and best raw materials to prolong the service life of the Wifi & Antennas.


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Wifi & Antennas

Function of antenna

What the antenna radiates is radio wave, and what it receives is also radio wave. However, what the transmitter sends to the antenna through the feeder line is not radio wave, and the receiving antenna cannot send the radio wave directly to the receiver through the feeder line, which must go through the process of energy conversion. Let’s take the radio communication equipment as an example to analyze the signal transmission process, and then explain the energy conversion function of the antenna.

At the transmitting end, the modulated high-frequency oscillation current (energy) generated by the transmitter is input into the transmitting antenna through the feeding equipment (the feeding equipment can directly transmit current wave or electromagnetic wave depending on the frequency and form), and the transmitting antenna converts the high-frequency current or guided wave (energy) into radio wave – free electromagnetic wave (energy) radiates to the surrounding space (see Figure 1); At the receiving end, the radio wave (energy) is converted into high-frequency current or guided wave (energy) through the receiving antenna and transmitted to the receiver through the feeding equipment. From the above process, it can be seen that the antenna is not only a device for radiating and receiving radio waves, but also an energy converter and an interface device between circuit and space.

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Operation mode of WiFi module

  1. active serial port device networking:

Active serial port device networking refers to the way in which the device actively initiates a connection and interacts with the background server (upload or download). Typical active devices, such as wireless POS, start to connect to the background server and upload transaction data after each card swiping transaction. Among them, the background server acts as the TCP server end, and the device is connected to the network through the wireless ap/ router, and acts as the TCP client end.

  1. passive serial port equipment networking:

Passive serial port device networking means that all devices in the system are in a passive connection waiting state, and only the background server actively initiates the connection with the devices, and requests or transmits data. For typical applications, such as some wireless sensor networks, each sensor terminal is always collecting data in real time, but the collected data is not uploaded immediately, but temporarily stored in the device.

The back-end server actively connects to the device at regular intervals and requests to upload or download data.

At this time, the background server actually acts as the TCP client side, while the device acts as the TCP server side. The main features are 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g internal PCB antenna, and the optional external antenna supports AP based network (Infrastructure) / peer-to-peer network ad hoc (IBSS) / virtual AP mode. Iphone/ipad/android devices can also be connected directly without ap/ router, and support 802.11i encryption mode: wep-64/128, TKIP (wpa-psk) and AES (wpa2-psk) MCU has built-in tcp/ip protocol stack, 3-channel UART serial interface (one channel supports DMA mode, full-function serial port, and the baud rate is up to 921.6kbps), SPI interface, i2s/pcm interface digital video port up to 24 GPIO ports (some gpios will be multiplexed with the above interfaces) full-function tcp/ip protocol stack, tcp/ip transmission bandwidth reaches more than 10Mbps, and supports three WiFi energy-saving modes with timed automatic wake-up function

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FBELE specializes in the design and production of WiFi wireless antenna to ensure the product signal and provide you with appropriate antenna structure scheme Industry recognized darkroom test data report, trp&tis active and passive test report

FBELE wireless WiFi module has a stable supply of goods and technical support. The domestic IOT platform module is customized, with a complete range of adaptable wireless WiFi modules. The products are applicable to smart home applications, smart door locks and digital customer cases. Welcome to call us for details!

FBELE’ has developed in the field of wireless data acquisition and transmission module for many years, and has a variety of independently developed wireless data acquisition and transmission module series products More professional wireless data acquisition and transmission module experts customize product solutions for your conscience and support private customization.

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Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


We choose FBELE as our partner because FBELE has its own plastic mold factory, which can help us customize products and provide prototypes, which provides a strong guarantee for us to design new products.

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