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WiFi alarm, gas alarm, FBELE professional production of smoke alarm, wireless remote control identification, audible and visual alarm system, suitable for wired, suitable for wireless, and can realize wired and wireless detection, Fbele produces various smoke alarm systems and wireless alarms

  • Accurate and reliable alarm
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Sensitive detection
  • Strong anti-interference

What is WIFI & GSM Alarm Systems

GSM anti-theft alarm system is an alarm system using GSM mobile network. The GSM anti-theft alarm system uses the global GSM short message data transmission mode and voice function platform to complete intelligent data remote transmission and control alarm. The host integrates smart home functions such as home, store, office safety electrical control, private car remote monitoring, etc. due to the wide coverage of GSM global wireless mobile communication network signals, it truly realizes the ultra long-distance convenient and flexible intelligent wireless control and alarm with low price and high quality, It solves the limitation of wired alarm in fixed telephone or wired broadband network.

The GSM global wireless mobile communication network has been popularized all over the world. Therefore, the multi-functional GSM alarm can be widely used in the security devices, data monitoring and remote monitoring systems of single family, community property, electric power, transportation, petroleum, coal, railway, municipal administration, public security and other sectors.

Why Purchase FBELE WIFI & GSM Alarm Systems

Reliable & Easy Operation

Accurate and reliable alarm, easy installation and operation

Automatically Store

After triggering the alarm, the host will automatically store and send the on-site color images, and the evidence is conclusive

Not Limited By Distance

Three frequency gsm900mhz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz wireless networks are used, and the alarm is not limited by distance

Easy Installation

All wireless system, no wiring construction, easy installation

Monitoring System Installation and Troubleshooting

China is vigorously accelerating the construction of Skynet project, which has achieved remarkable results in recent years with the help of policy promotion, scientific and technological progress, corporate response and other support, and the combination of multiple factors. Now, the shadow of Skynet project can be seen in traffic arteries, public places, hotels, residential offices and other places all over the country, from residential communities to public places, and monitoring systems can be seen everywhere.

FBELE refers to a video monitoring system for real-time monitoring and information recording of fixed areas, which is composed of image acquisition, transmission, control, display and control software to meet the needs of urban public security prevention and control and urban management. Fbele is deployed and implemented in accordance with the platform architecture of ministry level, provincial level, city and county level, with good expansibility and integration.

It can be seen that fbele is mainly based on the video monitoring system. The monitoring system is also called closed-circuit television monitoring system. The installation and troubleshooting of the monitoring system is not difficult for professional technicians, but it is a bit complicated for amateurs. However, if we can master the rules and skills and can not work in case of a monitoring system failure, we can also quickly troubleshoot and try to solve it. Next, FBELE will introduce the common failures of the monitoring system, I hope it will help you.

When the video recorder cannot read the hard disk, it displays “ No hard disk &rdquo And the problem of not being able to record video, what should we do?

Generally, the hard disk is not easy to be damaged, so we can check the following problems first: check the power supply, power supply, power cable and data cable.

If video cannot be recorded, it may be because we forget to turn on the video switch;

If the recording is normal and the recording file cannot be found, the most common case is that the date is not set correctly. This happens when the date of the camera and the video recorder do not correspond;

In addition, the h.265 encoded camera cannot record video on the H.264 video recorder. The encoding mode should be adjusted to H.264. If the above problems are eliminated, we should consider the hard disk and system problems.

It is worth mentioning that the uneven illumination intensity will lead to the problem that some areas are too bright and some areas are too dark. Just turn on the wide dynamic of IPC to solve it.

More monitoring installation and common fault diagnosis solutions are available in fbele.


Main Functions and Features of the System:

  1. The short message and voice platform of gsm900mhz/1800mhz cellular telephone network is adopted for data transmission;
  2. Infrared radiation, microwave infrared, door magnetic and other detectors can be configured to prevent theft;


  1. Outdoor air conditioners are equipped with special vibration detectors to prevent theft;
  2. Configure the AC detection function. If the external power supply of the base station or alarm system is abnormal, the system will automatically detect and alarm;
  3. Smoke detector can be configured to prevent fire;
  4. The temperature detector can be configured to prevent the equipment from operating at too high temperature;
  5. In case of alarm, the alarm SMS can be sent to the set alarm receiving mobile phone, and the on duty personnel or base station maintenance personnel can master the alarm information at the first time;
  6. In case of alarm, you can call the on duty personnel or the maintenance personnel of the base station, talk with the site and monitor the surrounding environment;
  7. In case of alarm, the alarm information can be sent to the alarm receiving center, and the alarm center immediately displays accurate alarm information: machine room name, machine room address, contact person and telephone, alarm type (anti-theft alarm or fire alarm or power alarm), alarm condition (or alarm position), alarm time, alarm serial number and other detailed alarm information.

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FBELE networking alarm system, home anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft alarm, focusing on infrared alarm, strong technical load, widely used in various industries, professional suppliers, and eventually become the main supplier in the infrared alarm industry

FBELE system is a high-end GSM and WiFi dual network alarm with stable and reliable performance. It uses a 1.7-inch TFT color screen and touch keys, embedded with a powerful CPU main control, and has good operability. The host is wirelessly connected with infrared, door magnet, smoke detector, etc

FBELE IOT intelligent IOT fire alarm system, gsm/cdma one click call alarm system, wifi/tcp/ip intelligent security alarm system, app and server software development services, 3g/4g/gsm/cdma alarm system, various intelligent induction detectors, video monitoring system, power transformer, etc

What does Customer say about FBELE Company


We have cooperated with fbele for 8 years. Previously, we only purchased standard products. Since 2019, we know that fbele can also provide processing business of semi-finished products, which saves costs for our company. In the future, we also want to cooperate with fbele on other projects, and the price is also important.


In 2019, I contacted FBELE through my friend’s introduction. My friend has cooperated with FBELE for 10 years, and the cooperation is very happy, and then recommended it to me We bought fbele products. At present, we are very satisfied with the quality and delivery date. I will also recommend them to my friends.

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