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FBELEF focuses on the wireless WiFi module industry. The module supports usb/uart/spi/ap and other communication interfaces. It has on-board wires and IPEX interfaces. It is small in size and low in power consumption. There is always one for you The wireless WiFi module has passed fcc/ce certification

  • Longer transmission distance
  • Faster transmission rate
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What is WIFI Module

The Wi Fi module, also known as the serial port Wi Fi module, belongs to the transport layer of the Internet of things. Its function is to convert the serial port or TTL level to an embedded module conforming to the Wi Fi wireless network communication standard. The built-in wireless network protocol ieee802.11b g. N protocol stack and tcp/ip protocol stack. The traditional hardware device embedded with Wi Fi module can directly use Wi Fi to connect to the Internet. It is an important part of realizing wireless smart home, M2M and other Internet of things applications, and it is an important part of intelligent hardware.

Why Purchase WIFI Module

Longer & Faster

WiFi module for longer transmission distance and faster transmission rate

Commonality of WiFi module

WiFi technology has commonality, and can connect different devices and operating systems in actual Internet of things applications;

Security of WiFi module

in Internet of things applications, WiFi technology itself exists as a communication method, and the functions realized are only used for data transmission

Scalability of WiFi module

the WiFi module internally integrates RF transceiver, MAC, baseband processing, WiFi protocol, configuration information and network protocol stack

Classification and Application Fields of Wi Fi modules

Main categories of Wi Fi modules

Wi Fi modules can be divided into three categories: 1. General Wi Fi modules, such as USB or SDIO interface modules on mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Wi Fi protocol stacks and drivers run in Android, windows and IOS systems, and require very powerful CPUs to complete applications; 2. The router scheme is a Wi Fi module, which is typically a home router. The protocol and driver are based on a chip with powerful flash and ram resources and a Linux operating system; 3. Embedded Wi Fi module, 32-bit MCU, built-in Wi Fi driver and protocol, and the interface is a general MCU interface such as UART. Suitable for all kinds of smart home or smart hardware items.

Many manufacturers have tried to add Wi Fi modules to TVs, air conditioners and other devices to build wireless home intelligent systems. Realize the control of app and the connection with Alibaba cloud, JD cloud, baidu cloud and other Internet giants in the cloud, so that home appliance manufacturers can quickly and easily realize the networking and intelligence of their products and realize interconnection with more other appliances.

Application fields of Wi Fi module

Serial port (rs232/rs485) to WiFi, TTL to WiFi;

WiFi monitoring, tcp/ip and Wi Fi coprocessors;

WiFi remote control aircraft, cars and other toy fields;

WiFi network radio, camera, digital photo frame;

Medical instruments, data acquisition, handheld devices;

WiFi fat scale and smart card terminal; Smart home;

Instrumentation, equipment parameter monitoring, wireless POS;

Other wireless related secondary development and application in modern agriculture and military fields.


Main functions of WiFi module

WiFi module includes two types of topology: infra and adhoc. To explain the topology of wireless network, we must first understand two basic concepts: 1: AP, that is, wireless access point, is the creator of a wireless network and the central node of the network. Generally, the wireless router used in home or office is an AP. 2: Sta site, each terminal connected to the wireless network (such as laptop, PDA and other user equipment that can be connected to the network) can be called a site.

Basic wireless network (infra) based on AP: infra: also known as basic network, is a wireless network composed of AP and many STAS. The characteristic of this type of network is that AP is the center of the whole network, and all communications in the network are forwarded through ap.

  1. wireless network based on ad hoc network (adhoc): adhoc: also known as ad hoc network, is composed of only two or more STAS. There is no AP in the network. This type of network is a loose structure, and all STAS in the network can communicate directly.
  2. security mechanism: This module supports a variety of wireless network encryption methods, which can fully ensure the safe transmission of user data, including wep64/wep128/ tkip/ccmp (AES) wep/wpa-psk/wpa2-psk.
  3. fast Networking: This module supports fast networking by specifying the channel number. In the normal wireless networking process, all current channels will be automatically scanned to search the (or adhoc) network created by the destination AP to be connected. This module provides parameters for setting the working channel. Under the condition that the channel of the destination network is known, the working channel of the module can be directly specified, so as to speed up the networking speed.
  4. address binding: This module supports the function of binding the BSSID address of the destination network during networking. According to the 802.11 protocol, different wireless networks can have the same network name (that is, ssid/essid), but must correspond to a unique BSSID address. The illegal intruder can connect the sta in the network to the illegal AP by establishing a wireless network with the same ssid/essid, thus causing the network to leak secrets. By binding BSSID addresses, sta can be prevented from accessing illegal networks, thus improving the security of wireless networks.
  5. wireless roaming: This module supports wireless roaming based on 802.11 protocol. Wireless roaming means that in order to expand the coverage of a wireless network, multiple APS jointly create a wireless network with the same ssid/essid. Each AP is used to cover different areas. The sta connected to the network can select the AP with the strongest signal according to its location, and automatically switch between different APS with the movement of the sta.
  6. flexible parameter configuration: 1 Based on serial port connection, use configuration manager 2 Based on serial port connection, use HyperTerminal program 3 under windows Based on network connection, use IE browser program 4 Based on the wireless connection, use the configuration manager.
  7. as the core module of the integrated intelligent hardware solution, it helps traditional manufacturers complete the transformation of traditional hardware at a faster iteration speed, while reducing the overall development cost and making rapid transformation. He krypton believes that this smart home rapid development scheme covers five aspects of a complete smart home product: hardware, embedded system, cloud service, data analysis and app application. Their target users mainly include large and small household appliances, LED manufacturers, kitchen and bathroom appliances, etc

China Leading WiFi Module Supplier


FBELE specializes in the production of Bluetooth module and Bluetooth +wifi two in one module, supports 2.4g/5g dual band WiFi, and provides wlan/bt protocol stack based on Linux, Android, QNX and other operating systems, which is convenient for customers to transplant, and is widely used in automotive electronics, smart home, etc

FBELE is serial port WiFi module experts make your products easy to access the Internet of things. As a national high-tech enterprise, the products have FCC, CE and ROHS certification and are exported overseas. The products support secondary development and provide one-stop intelligence

FBELE wireless WiFi module is widely used in wireless control fields such as smart home and industrial control products. It integrates MCU, radio frequency transceiver, tcp/ip protocol stack and application program. It is a low-cost wireless module with high cost performance ratio, high reliability

What does customer say about FBELE Company


In 2019, I contacted FBELE through my friend’s introduction. My friend has cooperated with FBELE for 10 years, and the cooperation is very happy, and then recommended it to me We bought fbele products. At present, we are very satisfied with the quality and delivery date. I will also recommend them to my friends.


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.

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FBELE focuses on WiFi module, routing module and IOT module. It has 25 years of wireless IOT module R & D and production experience, and has more than 100 WiFi intelligent hardware solution customization cases. Its 24-hour contact number is 0086-1886847636

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