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What is Wireless Repeater

Wireless repeater, in a wide space environment, the coverage of wireless signal is more important than bandwidth and speed. Undoubtedly, it is a better choice to use repeaters to expand the coverage of base stations. In a network, a wireless repeater can be simply defined as a wireless AP in a narrow sense.

AP is the abbreviation of access point (wireless access node). It is equivalent to a hub or switch in a wired network. However, it is a hub with wireless signal transmission function. It can provide a conversation intersection for multiple wireless Internet devices.

Why Purchase Wireless Repeater

High Quality Level

Stable, high-speed and reliable, anti attack capability, data security

Expand the communication distance

The wireless repeater can expand the communication distance; In general, the house is too large and the router is not fully covered. By adding repeaters

Small Size

Small size, no space; Compared with the router, the repeater is smaller in size, which makes it more beautiful and does not occupy space at home


Flexible networking and scalability; If it is a duplex building or self built house with a large area, 1-N wireless repeaters can be added

Technology of Wireless Repeater

It is feasible to extend the range of 802.11 network by using repeater technology. In fact, the IEEE 802.11 protocol has clearly defined several modes to support relay. For example, a wireless distributed system (WDS) allows an access point not only to connect with another access point on a wireless link, but also to provide services for 802.11 devices at the same time. If the bandwidth has little to do with the application, if 802.11b is used to expand the range, it has the greatest flexibility. If the service users and two-way transmission are using the same wireless communication channel, the available bandwidth has been substantially reduced by half.

In fact, a wireless repeater in a network can be simply defined as a wireless AP in a narrow sense.

AP is the abbreviation of access point (wireless access node). It is equivalent to a hub or switch in a wired network. However, it is a hub with wireless signal transmission function. It can provide a conversation intersection for multiple wireless Internet devices. Wireless AP is a name with a wide meaning. It not only includes a simple wireless access point (wireless AP), but also is a general term for wireless routers and other devices. However, in order to distinguish these two types of devices, we generally call the devices that only have the AP function as wireless AP, and the APS that have the router function as wireless routers.

Simply put, AP is the extension cable, repeater and amplifier in wireless network. It can strengthen the signal and extend the distance.

In order to better understand this word, I put it separately instead of using the professional term AP.


What are the Functions and Common Problems of Wireless Repeaters

WiFi wireless repeater is to transmit the received WiFi signal. It is to relay the wireless signal and increase the coverage of the wireless signal.

In order to extend the coverage of the wireless network, the repeater can simply regenerate the signal. Repeaters do not need to be physically wired to any part of the network.

Therefore, wireless repeater is an effective solution to the problems of signal damage and attenuation. For example, a repeater provides a connection to a remote range that is not qualified for wireless network access. Maybe the router in your home or office doesn’t cover the entire area that wireless users need to connect, such as the yard or basement. By placing a repeater between the coverage area and the uncovered area, the connection within the whole space can be provided. Because the wireless repeater has filled the coverage vulnerability.

  1. Unable to access the Internet after WiFi signal expansion: if the signal light is not on, it means that the device has not been successfully set for expansion. Check whether the input password is correct, and re-enter the password in case of error.
  2. The network speed is slow after WiFi connection: if the signal light is blue, it means the signal is good, and if the signal light is red, it means the signal is poor. If the distance between the device and the main route is too far, the position of the route or repeater will be adjusted.

Reset instructions: wait for about 90 seconds after the device is powered on, and then press and hold the reset button for 6-7 seconds. The signal lamp flashes to indicate that the reset is successful. When the lamp is on, release the button and wait for the system to restart.

WPS Description: once you press the WPS button, the WPS signal indicator will flash for 120 seconds, and it will stop flashing on the client connection. The WPS button only supports the one button connection of the mobile phone, which is not supported by the apple mobile phone.

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