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FBELE has developed a new window lifting and adjusting motor (12V), which provides better torque for the lifting of electric windows, with large starting torque, long service life, low noise and stable quality Welcome to consult the customized window regulator motor

  • Low noise
  • long service life
  • Top 10 brand for Window Lifter Motor
  • large starting torque

What is Window Lifter Motor

The transmission motor and motor of the window regulator are mainly composed of gearbox (reducer) and motor (motor), which are usually developed and manufactured by small reducer. According to the requirements of different models, the motor gearbox of window regulator with different gear materials is designed. At present, plastic and metal gears are mainly used to manufacture the reducer. The function of window regulator motor is mainly to drive the automatic lifting function of glass doors and windows to realize automation and intelligence.

Why Purchase FBELE Power Window Lift Motor

small size
Small Size

Because of its small size,Window Regulator motor can be applied to electronic products with limited space.

Low noise

Due to the perfect design, high-quality materials have been used, which makes the Window Regulator motor quiet to operate

Good sound quality
Long Service time

FBELE uses high-quality materials to make Power Window Lift Motor, so it has a long service life


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Power Window Lift Motor

FBELE Window Lifter Motor Description:

the automobile window motor gearbox is developed and designed for specific customers and is only used as the scheme display of the automobile window motor gearbox. Fbelec can design, develop and produce products according to customers’ special needs The development of automobile gearbox mainly focuses on the design, development and production of automobile gear drive for customers. The products mainly involve EPB, electric tailgate, electric door and window gearbox, automobile electric window motor, damper controller, ABS braking system components, etc. The above is developed and designed for specific customers and is only used as the scheme display of automobile electric door and window gearbox, Electric window lift, window regulator, Window Regulator Control Motor, automatic window regulators.

Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

Electric window regulator

The lifting (closing and opening) of many car door and window glasses has abandoned the manual lifting mode of handle type, and generally switch to the electric lifting mode of button type, that is, the use of electric window regulator.

The electric window regulator used in cars is mostly composed of motor, reducer, guide rope, guide plate, glass mounting bracket, etc. Due to the different materials or manufacturing methods of the guide rope, it is divided into three kinds of electric window regulators: rope wheel type, flexible shaft type and plastic belt type. The first two uses steel wire rope as guide rope, and the latter uses plastic belt as guide rope.

Take the commonly used rope wheel electric window regulator as an example. It is composed of motor, reducer, steel wire rope, guide plate, glass mounting bracket and other parts. During installation, the door and window glass is fixed on the glass mounting bracket, and the glass guide groove is parallel to the steel wire rope guide plate. Turn on the motor, drive the reducer to output power, pull the steel wire rope to move the glass mounting bracket, and force the door and window glass to move up or down in a straight line.

The guide rope of the plastic belt electric window regulator is a plastic belt with holes, which is used to move and position the plastic belt and control the lifting of door and window glass.

The key to the structure of the electric window regulator is the motor and reducer, which are assembled into one. The motor adopts reversible permanent magnet DC motor. There are two groups of coils wound to different magnetic fields in the motor, which can be forward and reverse through the control of the switch, that is, it can control the rise or fall of the door and window glass. The motor is controlled by the double switch button, with three working states of lifting, lowering and closing. When the switch is not operated, it will automatically stop at the “off” position. The control circuit is equipped with a main switch (central control) and a sub switch, which are connected in parallel. The master switch is controlled by the driver to open and close all the door and window glasses, while the passenger controls the opening and closing of each door and window glass respectively for the separate closing on the inner handle of each door, which is very convenient to operate.

China Leading Window Regulator motor Supplier


FBELE is engaged in the research and development of window regulator motor. It has an experienced product research and development management team. It is a professional manufacturer of window regulator motor. The company has strong technical force and advanced production and inspection equipment

FBELE is a private enterprise integrating industry and trade. Founded in 1997, it specializes in the production of automobile electric window regulator assembly and motor for electric window regulator. The company has independent design and R & D capability

FBELE electric window regulator motor can be customized according to demand. It is directly supplied by the manufacturer who has been manufacturing automobile precision gear drive system for 25 years Customized design and production of micro reduction motor, to provide you with dedicated electric window regulator motor transmission solutions, welcome to consult!

Please contact us immediately for you request,we will fully support.

What does customer say about FBELE Company


We cooperated with FBELE since 2018,what ever time I send massage to FBELE, I allways get their quickly reply even in middle ninght in BeiJing time, it seems we have no time difference with FBELE,It’s really amazing,it really very good service!


We know FBELE in June 2021 ,we are new client,

When I first bought FBELE products, I was worried about the quality, but after receiving the first batch of trial order goods, my doubts were dispelled. FBELE product quality is very good! We will place big order this year, thanks for FBELE!

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