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FBELE- professional driver management and maintenance tool. The network card can be repaired with one click without driver, which is fast and easy to use Solve various driver problems and provide driver backup, recovery and other practical functions

  • Micro appearance
  • Supports analog AP function
  • Free of drive installation
  • Easy to use and carry

What is USB Bluetooth receiver

Wireless network card is actually a kind of terminal wireless network equipment, which needs to be used to access the Internet through wireless connection network under the wireless coverage of wireless LAN. In other words, the wireless network card is a device that enables your computer to access the Internet wirelessly. However, with the wireless network card, you also need a wireless network that can be connected. Therefore, you need to cooperate with the wireless router or wireless AP to use it. You can connect to the wireless network wirelessly through the wireless network card to access the Internet.

Why Purchase Wireless Adaptor & WIFI Receiver

High Quality Level

Stable, high-speed and reliable, anti attack capability, data security

Expand the Communication Distance

The wireless repeater can expand the communication distance; In general, the house is too large and the router is not fully covered. By adding repeaters

Small Size

Small size, no space; Compared with the router, the repeater is smaller in size, which makes it more beautiful and does not occupy space at home


Flexible networking and scalability; If it is a duplex building or self built house with a large area, 1-N wireless repeaters can be added

How to Use Wireless Adaptor & WIFI Receiver

Wireless network card is a kind of wireless terminal equipment, which is used to access the Internet through wireless connection network under the wireless coverage of wireless LAN. Generally speaking, a wireless network card is a device that can access the Internet without connecting a network cable. For example, the most common digital products such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. have wireless network cards integrated inside. How can we use the wireless network card?

The following article will popularize the use of wireless network card with you. Wireless network cards are mainly divided into built-in integrated wireless network cards, such as laptops, smart phones and other internal wireless network cards; The other is the external wireless network card, such as the common USB wireless network card, PCI wireless network card, etc. if the main users, such as the built-in wireless network card of the notebook, are damaged or the desktop computer needs wireless internet access, the external wireless network card will come in handy.

For the built-in or external wireless network cards in our computers, we need to use wireless network signals or AP signals. These signals are realized by wireless routers, that is, such wireless network cards are only wireless signal receiving devices. We need to set up a router wireless network near the computer. Its biggest advantage is. The price is affordable and the signal is stable. The disadvantage is that it can only be used in the fixed place where it is erected. For example, if there is a wireless router at home, our smart phones, laptops or desktop computers with external USB wireless network cards can only use wireless Internet at home. Because the wireless network signal transmission built by the wireless router is not far away.


Main classification Wireless Adaptor & WIFI Receiver

The function and function of the wireless network card is the same as that of the ordinary computer network card. It is used to connect to the LAN. It is only a signal receiving and sending device, and can only be connected to the Internet when finding the exit to the Internet. All wireless network cards can only be limited to the range of wireless LAN. A wireless network card is a network card that uses wireless signals to connect without a wired connection. Wireless network cards can be distinguished according to different interface types. The first is USB wireless network card, which is the most common one at present; The second is a PCI interface wireless network card for desktop computers; The third is the PCMCIA interface wireless network card for notebook computer; The fourth is the Mini-PCI wireless network card built into the notebook computer.

As mentioned above, wireless network cards can be divided into many types according to different interfaces. The following describes the classification according to users: one is a dedicated PCI interface wireless network card for desktop computers. One is a special PCMCIA interface network card for notebook computer. One is a USB wireless network card, which can be used by desktop users or notebook users as long as the driver is installed. It should be noted that only the wireless network card with USB2.0 interface can meet the requirements of 802.11g or 802.11g+. In addition to USB wireless network card, Mini-PCI wireless network card is widely used in notebook computers. Mini-PCI is a built-in wireless network card, which is used by Centrino models and non Centrino standard wireless network card models. The utility model has the advantages that it does not need to occupy a PC card or a USB slot, and avoids the trouble of carrying a PC card or a USB card with you at any time. These wireless network cards have little difference in price and similar performance / function. You can choose them as needed.

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FBELE 150m wireless USB network card has a micro appearance, free of drive installation, easy to use and carry, supports analog AP function, and freely shares Wi Fi. It adopts a new micro appearance design, which is exquisite and compact. When it is plugged into the computer, it hardly notices its existence and will not occupy too much space at all

FBELE wireless network card is divided into drive free version and non drive free version. The drive of the drive free version also needs to be installed. Its drive is integrated in the network card. It can be used normally only by installing the internal integrated drive. There is no need to obtain the drive from other sources

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We choose FBELE as our partner because FBELE has its own plastic mold factory, which can help us customize products and provide prototypes, which provides a strong guarantee for us to design new products.


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